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de las 5 leyes de la estupidez Humana:
Siempre, inevitablemente y en todo lugar se subestima el numero de individuos ESTÚPIDOS en circulacion.

(Carlo M. Cipolla )

New owner for http://tabloncentral.blogspot.com/

Message type: [WNC-582900]
Search Console

New owner for http://tabloncentral.blogspot.com/

To: Owner of http://tabloncentral.blogspot.com/

Google has identified that listasad@gmail.com has been added as an owner of Search Console account for http://tabloncentral.blogspot.com/.

Search Console owners have the power to change critical settings that influence the way Google Search interacts with your site or app. Be sure that only relevant people have this access, and that they are removed when they no longer need this access.

What you can do next:

Review the list of owners

Make sure that everyone listed should belong to the list of owners. If not, you can remove users by going to the Users and Site Owners page.

Use our help resources

Read more about Managing Multiple Users and their permission levels.
See the Verification Help Center.
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